What Will the World Come to Next?

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In my Shakespeare English class last night, the professor diverged from our riveting discussion to something that was actually quite interesting. We were going over some grammar rules, as our term papers (the 8 pg one I talked about in my first post) are due in a couple weeks, when she began a hilarious rant about a grammar mistake that exists in one of the unlikeliest places I would have ever thought of: a grocery store!

Observe the sign above, particularly the crossed out word. Can you find the mistake or should I bail you out of this one and tell you? The problem is that the word "less" must refer to nouns that cannot be quantified. Do you say that I have "fewer food" or "less food"? Less food, right? The reason is because food cannot be quantified. It is not possible to count the particles of food. On the other hand, if you want to talk about a quantifiable noun like marbles then you would say "fewer marbles." So there you have it. Most grocery stores incorrectly use grammar on their express checkout line signs! How could such a big industry filled with multinational corporations endorse such horribly incorrect grammar? I do not know, but maybe you should find out. Do what my professor did and send a letter!

Now that I have uncovered this hideous misuse of grammar, have you ever noticed this mistake when scavenging the checkout lanes for the shortest line or did you pass by such a blatant disregard for the English language in an ignorant bliss? Let me know!

By the way, here is how the express lane signs should look:

Ever Feel Like Rocking Out???

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Good Morning. I just woke up and don't have school until 9! You know what that means??? Yes, studying! You know what I wish I was doing?? Prolly not, but I'll tell you! 

Even though it's snowing outside, I don't wish to be at the beach. Even though school is tedious at times, I don't wish I was playing the wii. Even though there's four straight up weeks until winter break arrives, I don't wish for a snow day. No. I wish to play what I believe to be in my opinion one of the greatest games made to date: ROCK BAND!!! 

This game is not only ridiculously fun to play, but also forces you to be cooperative in order to rock the song without too many mistakes. It even incorporates the best parts of any band, not just the guitar (like in that other game that I just can't put my finger on)! Although drum and microphone games are nothing new to the gaming industry, having a guitar, base, singing, and drumming part all wrapped up into one unbelievable experience is, especially when you really do feel like you're making music. This seriously is a top notch game that will be played for years and years. And coming along to help the longevity of this game is a swarm of downloadable content in the form of new songs for all the hard rockers out there. So please, invest your money wisely and buy this game that will not disappoint your gaming appetite. Oh, and to show you how awesome this game is, I posted a you tube video below. Enjoy and good day!


Who needed embryos anyway?

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Since I'm really into science (just look at that picture to the right), I've decided to write a post every once in a while about a scientifically related event. Although I could write about science for hours and hours, I'll try to control myself for your sake. Without further ado, here I ago:

Upon skimming the dull front page of my city's gazette last week, I came across a small article discussing an exciting discovery regarding stem cells. Apparently, two teams on separate halves of the globe simultaneously manipulated genes in human skin cells, transforming them into stem cells. Upon reading this, you may gasp and say, "OMG that bypasses the whole stem cell embryo controversy thingy!" and you would be totally right. I guess President Bush finally has done something right. Urging scientists to find other ways to obtain stem cells is the best act he has done during his presidency (and that's not saying much). This is obviously one of the biggest discoveries in all of medicine and will definitely revolutionize the field in the coming years. No doubt that these brilliant scientists will be up for the Nobel Prize in the future. Until then enjoy the the NY Times article about this fortunate discovery.

While you are at it, also check out the NY Times outrageously cool new building. It has me drooling at the well-designed architecture and beautiful interior.

New NY Times building. Photo taken by Kevin.

Backing Up a Step

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I probably should have introduced myself rather than nag about homework (the stack has diminished by the way) in the previous post. To fix this, here I am an hour later to talk about me.

I've set up camp on the lower left part of the palm that is Michigan. While life can get boring amidst all the farm land, I find that high school seems to keep me busy most of the time. Being your everyday, run-of-the-mill teenager with somewhat good chances of getting into college, I'm currently suffering through the application process. Luckily, it'll all be over soon...phew.

My life can essentially be summed up as programming by night, and gaming by day. I can be so nerdy at times that I live my life engrossed in computer terminology, speaking in C++ and hearing in Java – ironically, my hearing is terrible. I see the beautiful world in CSS and organize my life by HTML (I think that’s why my room is unbearably messy). Some say my only true love is computers – I’d say that they’re probably right.

Unfortunately for computers, I do have another love, namely enjoying life to the fullest. Soon I'll be whisked away to some far off land, but now I'm just trying to enjoy the moment.

Below are ten random things necessary to fully understand my world:

10) I am a die hard fan of threadless shirts.

9) My name is not short for Omarian. If you find Omar to boring, however, you may call me the Big-O or Omy . Anything else must be approved.

8) I think Swedish Fish are the tastiest things to grace this planet. I find Cookie Dough even tastier.

7) I hold a strong belief that Apple Computers will one day rule the world. Yes, I am obsessed with Apple and think that Steve Jobs is da shiznet.

6) I attend weekly sessions of College Confidential Anonymous. They aren't working.

5) I say "your mom" as often as I can - even when it doesn't make sense.

4) I say "that's what she said" even more.

3) My hair isn't normal. I could technically grow a fro if I wanted to.

2) I check my email every five minutes on my phone. Is that healthy? Probably not.

1) Snow is my lifelong enemy.

So that's enough about me for now. From now on, expect a healty mix of the wacky and wild happenings in my life with a hearty dose of sarcasm and a twist of eccentricity.

First Time

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Well Hello World (gotta love the programming reference)!

First I'll begin by saying this title does not refer to a post about sex. Those who would like to leave because of that, do so now. Now for the rest of you, read on.

I'm awkwardly typing at the computer, trying to carefully choose my words about what to say in this ever important first post. It's hard, I must say, to write the perfect post, especially with the constant nagging of that voice in my head telling me to at least attempt that stack of homework staring at me in the corner. Yes, the day back from Thanksgiving Break and I have mounds of homework! But, alas, what should I expect one of the most notorious homework days of the year. Teachers spend the entire break wondering if they had gone easy on their students by only assigning one chapter instead of two, a small lab report rather than a long one, an eight page term paper in lieu of a 16 page one grrrr!!!! And so what do said teachers do upon coming back from break? They come loaded with the homework guns and shoot away (wow poor metaphor). It's quite difficult to remember the last time that I had this much homework. I guess I'll have to fight senioritis harder than ever now.

Well, at least now I have a blog to distract me!

~ Happy readings :-) ~

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