Hey all!

I'm back yay. So here's the deal. I leave for ISEF in about 15 minutes and just wanted to say that I've been pretty hosed the past couple of weeks trying to finish end of the year projects and make up work for the week I'm missing in addition to readying up for ISEF. I just want to say May has been fun, after all it is the month of my birthday so therefore it IS the best month. About 600ish people came together for my bday on May 7 (really there was an awards banquet that happened to be on my bday, but I played it off as my bday celebration :-) ).

I've only got one more week of school once ISEF finishes (*tear tear) and then I'll finally graduate. Until then I must get through ISEF, finals, AP Physics C, and the American CS League's All Star competition. It sure is the best of the times and the worst of times.

I'm going to try to blog throughout ISEF, so keep coming and keep an eye out for more posts. Until next time, enjoy: