I apologize yet again for a long, deplorable delay in writing. What can I say? I have people to see, things to do, places to be. Do I gain cool points for saying that? Anywho, I was just studying for a lab practical when experiencing the sudden urge to drop my packet, turn 45 degrees to the right, extend my arms toward the computer, and begin blogging. I like to think it's nature, my genes telling me to take a break as I've become bored of reading about tissue and what not. Ah, isn't natural selection beautiful, regardless of how much I stretch the term to make it fit this situation.

So since I'm a senior and will inevitably need a machine with processing capabilities (much better than saying computer..doh I said computer...DOH I said it again), I've had my eye on Apple, the magical fountain of machines with processing capabilities. Now, I obviously wouldn't mention this amazing fountain without having a reason and oh boy do I have a not so good reason. Apple has updated their iMacs today with better specs and I felt I should acknowledge that here even though they freakin' update their machines with processing capabilities like every week, every day, every second! That link takes you to their homepage that is obnoxiously bragging about the update so if you click on that in a few days and it's talking about some other update or amazing new piece of technology don't blame me.

In addition, Apple came up with a new iPod video that has some catchy tunes. I'm always a fan of their artistic, fun commercials so I've embedded here for convenience:

I warned you all, this post has some heavy Apple content. Sorry if you absolutely loathe Apple. I know many people do.

I would like to once again thank the weather for disproving meteorologists everywhere by NOT snowing today. We here in the midwest are thankful.

And on that note, I must sadly go study.