Today is a good day. I just had three tests, which I have been studying for all weekend, and now I feel relieved. Even better though is that one of these tests was my differentials final. You know what that means? I just finished the first class of my last semester in high school! Done, finished, over...What this also means is that I have finished high school math forever :-) and that next time I take math I will be sitting in a classroom at MIT with an awesome professor and other minds that almost rival mine (just kidding :-p...I'm going to get hosed...bring it on).

While I'm three tests down, I still have a full blown practice Computer Science AP Exam (a whopping three hours, but it counts as my final!) tomorrow. Then on Wednesday I have a Bio exam. But wait, when I've finished this stuff, I have more stuff to do, and when that stuff is done I have even more stuff to do :-(. Don't believe me? Let me spell it out. So when these tests are finally done, I have to prepare my ISEF board, study for my Latin final, study for AP Exams, and practice programming for upcoming competitions. Once that stuff is done, I have a computer science competition, AP exams, ISEF, All-Star (programming competition in Maryland). In between all that stuff, I have to prepare the digital video presentation for graduation and when all the graduation festivities are over, I have to get ready for my senior recital. Yeah, when people say senioritis is a perfectly alright disease that's not terminal or life threatening, they don't tell you everything you slack on will come back to bite you in the last month! For those of you who think I'm complaining, it's called letting out my feelings and it's cathartic :-p. So there :-). Those are my psycho mumbo jumbo words of wisdom for the day. I think I'll be ready for MIT next year (I hope so).

By the way, it is a beautiful 75 degrees out and sunny right now. Don't cha wish your weather could be like that?

The Final Countdown has begun...