I'm at school right now so unfortunately there won't be any colorful, mind-blowing pictures, but since I have some downtime I figured I'd come out and say I had ONE HECK OF A WEEKEND! It absolutely was fun 24/7. I think I only had a total of like 12 hours of sleep over the four days.

I'm currently writing a guest blog post for MIT admissions so that's one reason I haven't been writing much here. It's also been a hectic week and will only get worse as I have some chemistry competitions this friday and saturday (two different ones). Since I want to make my guest blog post as sweet as possible, with videos, pictures, humor and all, this blog might be left abandoned for a few more days. Of course, it will all be made up for by an awesome MIT blog post coming to an MIT admissions site near you.

Other than that, highlights of CPW were the ball drop, special "tours", ridiculous amounts of food, Meet the Bloggers (they are all cool people, seriously), just being on campus, and the people. I am ashamed to say that I did die during "Math until you die" and went to find something more interesting. The server room in the student center was just amazing and had a ridiculous amount of AC machinery. In fact, it required two large AC units on both sides of the room just to keep the temperature in there comfortably warm. Anyway, I will definitely talk more about my experience later and I hope to have a CPW blog up within a month or so.