On my way to the east coast this very moment. I'm blogging on my phone in detroit airport, waiting for my next flight, which leaves in 2 hrs. This is such a sweet terminal because there is a subway that runs at the top that takes you everywhere and this huge fountain in the center. I'll begin taking pictures shortly. My camera has just about 2000 pictures left and I plan to make good use of them in Raleigh and at MIT. Anyway I've basically got nothing to do so I just figured I'd come out and say that I was still alive. I've been busy so that's why there was a short hiatus on posts. There won't be many this week though since I'm out of town, but expect many next week. In fact, I already have a CPW blog up ready for many juicy posts. I also plan to guest blog for MIT so keep an eye for that. Ciao!