If you did not guess from the title, it is SPRING BREAK! It finally is time for the weather to get better (oh wait it's Michigan, it's snowing outside as if it were December, go figure), time for a break, time to get work done (we'll see about that), and time to go absolutely wild. I plan to actually stay up past midnight to maybe 12:30 am. I might drink a non-diet caffeinated Coke past 10 o'clock. Hecks, if I'm going to go all out crazy I might as well sleep in until 8 am. Yeah, as you can tell, I've got big plans this Spring Break to finally break out of my shell.

As opposed to previous spring breaks, this break I'm actually going out of town. This Saturday will find me two hours away at a programming competition with the hopes of coming back with 500 bucks, a nice start towards paying MIT's tuition. I then get two days of rest and then leave Tuesday morning for Duke, which is footing a big chunk of the travel costs. On Thursday, I leave Duke for CPW! I already have a blog set up for that. I was hoping I could partially blog while I was there, but that probably won't be feasible. One, because bringing a laptop would be tough considering I would not be able to look after it 24/7, especially during activities like Capture the Flag at 1 am. Two, because I'm not even sure if there would be enough down time. If I don't have access to a computer there, then I will just have to quickly write an amazing CPW blog when I get back dead tired on Sunday in lieu of preparing for a full, glorious, effervescent (note the sarcasm) week of school ahead of me.

In other news, BBC once again pwns the world by discovering flying penguins! It's an amazing discovery and about time penguins began to do something useful other than look pretty for those crazy enough to trek the wild terrains of Antarctica. The inability of penguins to fly has always grinded my gears. It's just a shame to have wings, but not the ability to fly. It's like having arms, but not being able to use them to do anything. Thank you BBC for showing the world what's what. Check out the video!

APRIL FOOLS! This was a complete joke. Apparently, it's tradition for BBC to do a fake video each year for April Fools' Day. This video looked fairly convincing except for the rain forest, which in my opinion gives away the entire joke. Check out the making of this video below!


(If you were wondering about my wild Spring Break plans, I'll leave it up to you to figure out how serious I am :-p )