For now since I am running short in time I will just say, OMG I got into Princeton, Cornell, and UPenn (and something about a waitlist to this weird school in Boston. I think it starts with an H and is up the river from MIT or something).

I had class until six meaning that I wouldn't be able to check decisions until way after the they came out. My parents, however, came up with an ingenious plan to keep me not so focused on class, but yet informed about my status. They planned to send me emails with the subject "[School] - Yes/No" (for example, "Princeton - Yes"). Using my iphone, which I cleverly hid behind my leg, as I sit in the front row, I was able to continuously check my email. I think my professor noticed though as I pretty much stopped taking notes and never looked up, but this is important stuff so I thought sacrificing 30 minutes of a 1 hr 40 minute lecture was worth it. Pretty much this was the order of emails with 5 minute intervals in between: Cornell -> I start smiling -> UPenn -> I start hopping up and down in my seat -> Princeton! -> HUGE smile plus my brain explodes leaving nasty brain guts on my notes -> weird school that starts with H -> Yes, I didn't get in! Even bigger smile :-)

I just had the best math class of my life. I will never forget fourth quarter senior differential equations. Never ever ever evar. MIT here I come.