A phone conversation with my senior picture studio a month ago:

Me: Hello?
Some guy: Yes, this is Main St. Studio. We have your wallets that you ordered ready. Please come pick them up within a few days.
Me: Oh yea sure thing. Bye.

A couple days ago:
Me: Oh hey mom. I told you about Main St. calling a few weeks ago right?
Mom: Umm no why?
Me: Hmm umm...yea we were supposed to pick up my pictures a while ago.
Mom: WHAAAT! I told you we were waiting for a call!
Me: I'm a busy guy.
Mom: You are never to pick up the phone again!
*I laugh on the inside and shrug*

Yes, the story of my life depicted by this simple anecdote.

The not-story of my life is the amount of good fortune that has happened in the past month or so. Observe:

YES! It finally came today, the coveted MIT acceptance folder chalk full of goodness. This is how all Mondays should start.

The packaging after I ripped through it. I couldn't contain myself. Side note: half that damage was done by USPS itself. How hard it is to take care of mail? Seriously. You could see everything that was inside the folder by looking through the 2 inch gaping hole on it. My folder was beat up too. I dream of a day when USPS becomes a superior mailing service that actually cares about what they deliver. I think I'm being too harsh (seriously though...if you have something important I recommend not-USPS). They do have brownie points with me though since they are the ones who delivered my MIT folder.

The folder all gutted up. Of upmost importance is the 10% COOP coupon in the lower left. Methinks I will be making excellent use of that in the coming days.

Oh my gawd. Tim the beaver wants me to come out and play. Maybe I'll get to see him at CPW. For all your non-MITers: do you know why the beaver is MIT's mascot? There's quite an ingenious explanation behind it all.

And as if MIT was purposely trying to add the cherry on top, the shirt I ordered last week from the coop was sitting on my doorstep, just waiting to be worn by mwa. I quickly tore off my current shirt and slid into the freshly delivered MIT one and ran off to my differentials class. Ahh, how good it feels to make fun of Harvard, all in good fun of course. I plan on taking Arabic there so I cannot completely alienate the neighbors. What would happen if I wore that shirt to Arabic class? Did someone say experiment?

All in all, today is definitely a day I did not have someone say to me "Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays?"