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Those darn californians. They have done it again. They aren't just satisfied with good looking surfer boys with ripped physiques. Nope. They have to have surfer boys with self-healing muscles that generate electricity O.O.

The folks over at UCLA have created an artificial muscle capable of expanding 200%, mimicking human muscles in movement. Carbon nanotubes (doesn't the word nanotubes just make you giddy?) are the culprit here as they allow for the muscles to handle extreme duress that occurs from normal, everyday usage. There's one more thing...they are smart muscles too! In the event of carbon nanotube failure, the surrounding area seals off and prevents any more damage from occurring.

Now what's the selling point for all this because who cares about self-healing artificial muscles? It generates electricity. Imagine this. You are walking down the street. Beep beep (the annoying one that signals your cell phone is out of battery). Oh no I'm going to be out and about all day and my cell phone is nearly dead. What will I do? Wait, due to the artificial muscles I now have, I'll plug my cell phone into my upper bicep. There you have it. You can be a walking power plant. I bet you never dreamed about that as a kid?

The future of nanotechnology!

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