Because I have fingers of gold when it comes to programming (bad metaphor...they'd be too stiff too type), my biology teacher asked me to create a program that integrates detailed case studies along with DNA searches in databases to simulate the DNA analysis process for students. I agreed and quickly went home to download Visual C++. After an hour of tinkering around with that program, I realized that Microsoft uses a wacky syntax for C++ that I did not feel like learning and so I then downloaded Visual Basic. While I vowed to never use Basic again in my life after seeing how simple and not very useful it was 4 years ago, I found visual basic to be perfect for what I needed. It could make fantastic visual programs using simple commands and in my excitement I did a little jiggy right then and there in my room.

So for the past 4 weeks I have slowly been building this program as it involves a lot of patient cases, DNA sequences, result pages after searching, and questions. And all this time, I figured I had no deadline because my teacher never said that I did. Well, yesterday while I was leaving class, he nonchalantly asks if I'm going to have the program next week. I tell him that I can bring in a copy of what I have so far and he then sorta freaks out and tells me that he needs to have it completed so that he can make copies and distribute it at a conference he is going to. YIKES! Now, I have to hole myself up in my room (like that is different from any other weekend) and program the tips off my fingers. I have no problem with this because I absolutely love programming, especially when your programming visual stuff. Basically, this weekend is going to involve many, many hours of coding and frantic panic sessions while I try to get this out the door.




I feel like this is the final leg of the race, that we are approaching the finish line and all around college admissions officers are egging us on, pushing us to get that they can trip us right before reaching the finish line and laugh at our failure. GRRRR! Oh well, it'll all be over soon...oh so soon.