So I've noticed I get on average one person a day to my site who was searching for "MIT Decision Date." Google in its infinite wisdom brings up my blog in the top hits because of a post a while back that talked about MIT's decision date (see here). Anyway I just wanted to set the record straight. If you are interested for the decision date coming up, you will be disappointed by that post because it was about Early Action. Now, if you do want to know the decision date and come across this well here you go. It will most likely be March 15th 2008. The official date will be released within the next two weeks, but according to past years, it should be March 15th. So now, you anxious MIT hopefuls can stop frantically searching the internet for a date that is not out there. I say that with kindness...I really do :-).

Guess what! The next two weeks are going to rock my socks. I only have two days of school next week (Tuesday/Wednesday). Monday I have a JETS Teams competition and Thurs./Fri. I have a research competition (Junior Science and Humanities Symposium). The week after that is state testing and so juniors are the only ones who have to go to school on Tuesday. Furthermore, on Wed. and Thurs. school does not start until 11 because juniors have more state testing in the morning. Then on Friday I have a programming competition. Thus, in the next two weeks, even though I will be uber busy, I will be totally enjoying the fruits of being a second semester senior.

Now for my feature presentation!