So I'm really into those chocolate covered expresso beans, especially the ones that Starbucks sells since they're so darn tasty. Anyway, even though it is not very healthy, I usually finish a nice, hearty sized bag in like 4 days, jacking my body up on the non-illegal drug caffeine. And every time I do this, the next day I am in agony from a headache so big well it makes things look small. At this very moment, I have one of those headaches and I feel crappy. I feel like I want to bang my head into the wall a million times until it is so numb I cant feel anything anymore. It was worth it though just in case you were wondering. Totally worth it. If you haven't experienced the wonder of chocolate covered expresso beans, then I suggest you go out right NOW and buy some! Why are you doing still reading?! Go NOW!

In other news, Duke loves really loves me!!! I can't wait to visit.