A while back, I was sitting around on my couch eating some chips and thinking to myself, "Self, why not have wireless electricity. It is such a pain to have to lug around charger cables when going on vacations, having no phone for a day because you forgot to charge it, having to stay near an outlet when on a laptop and yadda yadda yadda." Then I shrugged and figured I have no idea how that would be done.

Zoom forward a few months...I see in the news that a MIT team has made wireless electricity! They were able to light a 60W battery from a power source that was 2 meters away with no wires what so ever. How does this work? They like to call it WiTricity. Now think about this. We have electromagnetic radiation all around us. Whizzing by, entering through are body and we dont even notice it. This radiation has a lot of energy, but we cannot use it for power because it goes in all directions and so is wasted. So what's the key? Magnetic coupled resonance. Now we all know about resonance. It is what causes a glass to shatter when someone sings a loud note that matches the frequency of the glass. It is all about matching frequencies. So when imagine if two objects had the same resonant frequency. They would be able to interact with each other with minimal interaction with objects of different frequencies. Using copper coils, one to send and one to receive, the sending coil generates a resonating magnetic field which causes the receiving coil to resonate. This then brings enough power to even run a laptop. In fact, a laptop would charge automatically or not even need a battery at all while in the room! Anyway, I just thought I'd introduce you all to the future. Check out more here.

In other news, this is just another boring old week. Nothing new. No snow days, no nothing. Although I did have a photo shoot yesterday which was quite awesome. I volunteer at Borgess Medical Center and the hospital was trying to promote its volunteer opportunities so they wanted to make brochures and such. So they had me come in for some pictures around where I normally work (intensive care). I walked around while he snapped pics in front of me as I walked. Those were cool since he slowed the shutter speed, making everything a little blurry except me. He took pictures of me coming out of the unit as the automatic doors opened. Those were interesting too. And then he took a lot of random shots here and there. It was really great though, since it is a busy area and so lots of people were watching and wondering what was going on. Definitely fun stuff.

Anyway, gotta go.