I just got back from my math midterm and am glad to say I pwned it and finished very early. The only thing I could not figure out is why the professor calls it a midterm, more specifically midterm 1. Yes, we have two midterms. Midterm 1 and midterm 2. In actuality, they should be called thirdterms or something. But anyway, I could go on and on about this and get no where so let me complain about how I had a midterm on what should have been a day off.

So out here in the midwest it has been very chilly. How chilly? So cold I had a Cold Day today! Apparently the school district thinks we are going to freeze our limbs off going out to school and then whine during class about how cold it is and so they just figure we might as well not have school. Works for me. I'd rather wrap myself in a blanket and pretend that it is not -10 F outside my window. Unfortunately, the university here is strict and wants their kids to lose fingers on their way to class, meaning I had to go to my math class today and take the mid errr thirdterm. Oh well, maybe I'll luck out and have another day off tomorrow (I doubt it).

In other news, I guess my final AMC is tomorrow. I have been doing the AMC since 6th grade and now that I am a senior I will be taking my last one tomorrow (or in a couple weeks if there is a Cold Day tomorrow). I'm not going to tear up about this or anything (or am I?), but it does not hurt to be nostalgic for just a few moments...and there all done with the trip down memory lane.

For some good news, the writers strike should be ending soon. This does not mean new shows will magically spring up on TV anytime soon. While production should resume, the fate of many TV shows is still undecided. Check out this chart at NY Times about the fate of your popular show.