WOW! My school's production of Thoroughly Modern Millie was amazing. It was completely different from previous musicals that my school has done and frankly it just put a smile on my face. It was fun and lively with humor all throughout and even cantonese translations, fake asian accents, and high rise views. Kudos to everyone involved.

Now because I felt that it was time to blog about my research, I took a picture of what a dissected leech looks like through the eyepiece of a microscope. Below is a leech that I opened up and pinned out, so enjoy the view!

So basically I use these leech preps to do various experiments that involve neuron development. If you look at the long white thing in the middle (running horizontally), you would be looking at the Central Nervous System of the leech. I investigate how this system makes connections with the surrounding muscles (specifically the heart tube muscles) and what affects such development. So now the boring part of this post is over.

Now to the farewell part of the post: Goodbye!