This weekend is not like any other weekend. Oh no! It is three days long! 72 hours! 4320 minutes! 259200 seconds! Why you may ask. Because it is mid-winterbreak of course. Even though many schools do not have this, I think there should be a mid-winter break for everyone because February is such a slow month. Don't feel too jealous though. I do not have Monday completely off. I still have math class...and some research stuff to do. Regardless, I do not have to wake up early...and yoooouuuuu doooooo!

Lately, I have been watching this incredibly amazing show called The Big Bang Theory. This show is absolutely tailored just for nerds like me. It constantly has scientific jokes and allusions and probably every stereotype about nerds. I especially enjoyed the reference to MIT (of which there are many in different episodes). If you hate science, then perhaps this show might disgust you and make you hate TV forever. For the rest of us, however, I dare you, watch the clip below and see for yourself just how awesome nerds are.