Well it's about time. Five long days from now I will either be banging my head into the wall wishing that life was not so cruel or I will be burning all my homework for the weekend and going partying partying partying (or just rejoice and have a nice dinner). The former will most likely be happening because for some reason I cannot fathom getting into MIT early. I thought I had a great chance, but as the clock keeps ticking down, that flicker of hope is dying away. At least MIT admissions has finally come through and posted the release date. For about a week, I have been visiting their admissions site, scanning it for some indication of a release date and finally it's out! This coming saturday, while I play my part in preventing the death of sick people at my local hospital, I will be desperately refreshing the decisions website on my iPhone. Let's just hope someone's life does not depend on me as I read it and find out bad news. The time has come folks... my first major decision is coming (except for my UMichigan acceptance, but that was easy). I hope that MIT has good news for me.