I walked into AP Bio today and the tables were all cluttered with tubs filled with water and teared pieces of paper, towels, and bunch of other stuff that I need to CREATE PAPER!

The most amusing thing we got to use today was the deckle, but not because it was fun to use. It's because of the name. Come one, say it to yourself a couple of times. Deckle, Deckle, DECKLE! You could even do a your-mom joke: I be-deckled your mother! Sorry, I do not know what that means and am also sorry to those who do not like your mom jokes and who do not appreciate The Office (that's what she said...sorry again). Anyway, so my teacher was reviewing the steps of how to make paper with us when our other biology/biochem/orgo teacher comes storming in, says, "I like deckles", and then storms out randomly. It was by far the most random thing to happen to me for a couple months and gave us all a good laugh. So back to the papermaking part! Pictured below is a deckle (along with my partner's hands):


Here is a weird piece of paper someone had made earlier:


After you fill your deckle with paper pulp, you then have to squeeze on it with a sponge for ten minutes. My hands were killing me!!! They are still soar...


Once your hands are properly in pain, you know it is time to stop squeezing. This is what happens to pulp when you kill your hands trying to soak all the water out of it...it looks like paper!


Because the paper was still wet and I had lost function in my hands, the sort-of-like paper had to be pressed in order to completely dry it out. Luckily, we had created plant presses a while ago (during a looong project to make a herbarium, a glorified gallery of dried out plants). This device was just the thing to press the plants. Since we had received points for design on the plant press, the plant presses were creatively decorated, especially mine. Note the pretty flowers that are hand painted! (No I am not gay...don't send me emails.)


Oh and here is my awesome lab partner!


By the end of the period, the crazy artistic girls had made some wild, multi-colored paper that I just could not get enough of.


Once a few days have passed, I will be able to open up my plant press to find awesome, quality paper (I wish). Fortunately for me, my teacher claims he will give the class extra credit if we turn our paper into a holiday greeting card and mail it to him. I intend to take him up on his offer and make him pay up the points! So this ends a wonderful day of papermaking. Now I must go study for a quiz that I have in this class tomorrow. Good night!