I just got back from "I Am Legend." I was going out with my friends who had just received word from Yale and wanted to enjoy themselves (one of them got in woot!). While it was a great escape from reality and the "big day" tomorrow, I'm still jittery from the movie. It was excellent, but quite suspenseful and had my adrenaline pumping non-stop. So instead of just having to worry about MIT, now I have this anxious feeling in my gut left over from the movie. Just great!

I would also like to add that right before the movie this one guy hilariously got kicked out by a security guard in a yellow jacket because he was flashing a laser pointer everywhere. The entire theater applauded his removal and booed him. It was an interesting and awesome way to begin the movie. Oh, and let's not forget the premiere of the new "Batman: The Dark Night" trailer,which was showing before all the "I Am Legend" shows. Overall, it was an excellent night with amazing friends!

So now where are we?? A few minutes from the big day. A day of sadness, maybe happiness...I can only hope for the best. Decisions have been made and life goes on. Now, please excuse me, as I need to try to get some sleep.