Even though I got some bad news a number of days ago, things are still going good for me. I already have A's in half my classes and my semester is not even done yet! My university classes ended and grades just came out a full 5 weeks before my high school semester ends.

University classes are very awesome by the way. I did not have to take my linear algebra final since I was guaranteed an A because of all the points I had earned. I got an awesome A on my 12 page paper for Shakespeare earning me another A. I also nailed the final in my Latin class, earning me another big star! I know A's are really not everything (as that piece of bad news confirms), but it still feels good to be almost done with my seventh semester of high school.

Tomorrow I get to interact with alumni at my school as instead of classes we have sessions with alumni who talk about their college experiences. They have quite a lot to say as they come from all over (there's also going to be some great food at the reception yay!). I'll be sure to take pictures.

Now I get to spend winter break looking forward to my differential equations class next semester and a three month wait before hearing from colleges. At least I just got a Wii and Rock Band, which will definitely keep me busy (another post on these soon)!