A Geminid meteor streaks across the night sky, with circular star trails whirling the background, in a time-exposure photo made by astronomer Jimmy Westlake in December 1985.

What does this time of year, bundling up, making hot cocoa, staying up way past your bed time, and sitting outside in the cold while you lose sensation in your limbs have in common? The Geminid meteor shower of course! Only reaching Earth at a mere 22 miles per second, these bad boys are going to be lighting up the nighttime sky this December 13th. As I know you are all eager for this exciting event, you may want to prepare beforehand. City lights will hinder your ability to see the magnificent meteor shower so make sure you know of a place that is well beyond any significant sources of light. You could do what I always do and cut the power to the city. Either way, you do not want to miss this! I have no idea how'll I'll last until then...Oh wait, yes I do. I'll just think about how I have to still wait four more days to hear about BAD news from MIT. 

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