There goes Harvard again trying to be the cool kids on the block, trying to be the best in everything, and trying to steal the best of the best from wherever they can. Just a couple days ago, Harvard announced its new and amazing financial aid plan that alleviates the tuition that must be payed for families with incomes up to 180,000 dollars. In fact, "alleviates" is too soft of a word to describe this new arrangement, as Harvard is only requiring these families to pay up to ten percent of their income. In other words, a family with an income of 180,000 dollars will only have to pay a tuition of 18,000 dollars. Yes, completely amazing. Once again Harvard is the trend setter for all. What will come next? Well, Yale, within hours of Harvard's announcement, gave a promise to have their own special financial aid announcement in the Spring. So for all the expensive universities out there, if you want us talented folks, you better lower your tuitions or you just might force us to attend Harvard. Check out the exciting news at The Harvard University Gazette.

If other universities end up following Harvard then we're all going to have to find other ways to use our saved money. Paper origami, anyone!?