It's that time again. That time of magic, that time of wonder. That time when you become amazed by what I have to say and worship me. That time of hope, a time that opens a window to the future. Yes, it's that time again.

The research front is fraught with discoveries this week, but one in particular intrigues me and allows me to see past the silly notion of cars running on water or electricity. Because, like, come on...ALGAE is the next big thing!!! 

Hidden deep within the University of Minnesota lies one professor who scoffs at the notion of water-run cars and he goes by the name of Dr. Ruan. He believes in a future of automobiles powered by oil that comes from algae. So are you wondering yet where the oil comes from? Well the answer is that it is in the algae itself. Dr. Ruan uses his laboratory to extract the oil from the algae and then, using a process that is widely known, converts it into biodiesel. While the process is used quite often nowadays, it still requires a great deal of money, especially when applied to algae. This poses a problem as it is reported to cost about twenty dollars a barrel when it needs to cost about two dollars a barrel to be economically worth the hassle.

The next step for this process is for it to move out of the laboratory and find a new home, preferably one in a biodiesel factory. Only then can the process truly advance. In the lab, this process is merely science, but maybe one day you'll be growing your oil rather than pumping it. 

So people, I urge you to wake up and smell the algae (oh I just had to put that in there)!

Check out the NY Times article.