As a side note, I would like to announce that the site counter has reached the triple digits as earlier in the day the site had its 100th visitor. And now back to your regular scheduled post:

Noam Chomsky, a renowned Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is, among many things, a linguist, political activist, and author. He is so highly regarded that students wish to study linguistics at MIT just because of him. While he is supposedly retired, he still hangs around MIT giving lectures and interacting with students. In fact, just recently he gave a lecture entitled "Rights and Responsobilities: The University Connection" at MIT as part of the Amnesty International's lecture series. Some of his notable contributions to society include generative grammar and the cognitive theory of Psychology. 

In english class the other day, I brought up Noam Chomsky's recent lecture and my professor surprisingly had much to say about him and began describing to us how she owns a collectible gnome replica of Professor Chomsky. Fortunately, for you readers, I have a picture of this gnome and it is quite a masterpiece I must say. Enjoy!