In about two hours, I will be leaning over a tiny desk and staring at tiny sheet of paper with five math problems, and they are not of the kind 2x + 3 = 5. If you have ever taken the AMC, then you would know exactly what I am talking about because this is my state's version of it. To be accurate, this part that I'll be taking today resembles the AIME, while the first part that I passed with somewhat flying colors a while back resembles the AMC. Regardless, these are going to be some tough math problems that make you think hard about why you are here in the first place. Despite achieving my school's high score on the previous exam, I really do not have the mathwiz mindset for these sort of exams, especially compared to those math savants, who will undoubtedly find this exam easy. For me, though, and most others, I guess we'll just have to eat our Wheaties and hope that with some luck, there'll be some easy problems like last year. And for those who are skeptical about what I HAVE TO SAY, then click here for some previous tests and see for yourself just how craaaazy some of the questions are.