Lately, I've become addicted to yet another game. This game, however, is not one of those flashy shooters or one where Mario hops around looking for mushrooms. Rather, it requires a great deal of concentration and some intellect and it goes by the name of Funny Farm. Please do not judge it by its title because it is truly a fun game that you will become addicted to (no joke). Basically, you start out with the word "farm" staring you in the face and you must type in words that relate to it. If you find one such word, then it is revealed on the screen. Eventually you can unlock other areas with different themes and can navigate through them on a map. It is highly suggested to this with friends as it'll be quite difficult on your own. Without further ado, click here for Funny Farm. I must also add that I find this game an excellent escape from the reality of having to wait for college decisions (like the MIT one this Saturday!!!). Enjoy the game!