When a couple months ago TV-links (www.tv-links.co.uk) owner  was arrested by FACT and the Gloucestershire police for merely posting links (something they called piracy) to popular tv shows (Guardian article), many were disappointed by the loss of an excellent website. This website, which did not host any tv shows, provided links to other websites that hosted uploaded tv shows. The list of links was exhaustive and updated frequently, making TV-links the best "tv links" website out there. After it shut down, however, there were not any other well-known options (aside from downloading), but luckily one user posted a great list of other "tv links" websites out there. It's amazing how the police waste their time with a person who sits at his computer posting website links, rather than catching criminals...who harm people! So now, when you feel bored on a rainy afternoon and do not feel like watching those suspenseful day soaps (you know you want to though), you can sit down at your computer and watch Grey's (or my favorite, Gossip Girl).
Note: I do not approve of the illegal downloading or uploading of unauthorized video content to the web.