Every year, my high schools holds special functions for its seniors. The latest one of these events, known deceptively as the "Senior Tea," finished just a few hours ago. This event is so old that tea is not even served here any more, something I was extremely disappointed to learn about. Because it was served here many, many years ago, however, when the event was in its blooming years, the name has stuck and has come to anger a whole class of students every year.

Despite the lack of tea, this event serves to give us students a chance to recognize the most influential person in our education. I chose my research mentor, someone who I greatly admire and who has taught me the value of research. He is responsible for making me even more interested in my potential career path and will always have a special place in my heart.

Anyway, the event was awesome, especially because of the delicious food present. Being the great photographer I am, I snapped some pictures of the food - and some random people.