Are you looking for that perfect gift for your loved one/friend/special someone/random guy on the street? Well, look no further because I've got the perfect guide to help you choose something in the price range you want for the person you want. This guide lists all the hot got-to-have gadgets this year that even someone who loathes electronics would be cheerful to receive. So do yourself and whoever you're buying for a favor and click here to jump to's own holiday gift guide! You'll find yourself on an introductory page, so just click towards the top on the type of person you are buying for (son, daughter, him, her) and you will be on your way to losing your life savings. And before you begin to panic, engadget will be adding more guides for people like dad and mom every few days so keep checking. If you really want to do your someone a favor, though, buy them the gift that never stops giving: a pink taser! Isn't your someone's safety all that counts?