In the past week, this website has had a record five people on at one time!! Amazing stuff for such a young and sprouting blogger. I almost see the future, a future of hundreds of visits, many comments, and... ice cream. Anyway, the main reason I am doing this post is because of a imminent coming of a momentous event for this blog.  If you glance to the right of the homepage of this blog, you would see a small, yet important, counter. At the moment, it reads 95. Now for those math geeks out there, if you would take out your calculator and chug and plug, I believe you would conclude that I need 5 more visits to reach 100 (100-95 = 5). Only five more visits and my site will be rolling in the triple digits! Who knows with the help of you readers, I am sure we can make this happen today!!! So visit, visit, and when you are done, visit some more.