For the past few hours, the internet has been really aggravating my friend and me. I HATE YOU INTERNET!!! My friend and I have been working on our latest issue of our school's literary magazine and as such, we take turns editing and working on it. So what does that mean? It means were are brutally forced to use the internet by means of email to exchange our spread files. Are you still wondering what this means??? It means I HATE THE INTERNET!!!

Ok so the file we are working on has reached 56 mb since it is a magazine spread after all. Obviously email services refuse to handle this (because of the internet and how it works) so we must compress and split the file and send multiple emails. Having to do this is not too demanding, but it is annoying nonetheless. This system of compressing and splitting has worked for the past day, but now it has failed... failed I say! My friend has the latest revision and has been for the past few hours attempting to send it to me. He did so this morning in three emails, each with a 10 mb segment of the file. Parts 2 and 3 worked fine. What happened to part 1?? The INTERNET ATE IT (figuratively I mean)!!!

I cannot fathom how this happened but yahoo flagged the file as having a virus!! Parts 2 and 3 were fine, but part 1 had a virus. How does that make sense?? Anyone??? Yahoo, being the control freak it is, proceeded on to tell me that it was in my best interest to not download it. You would think that after saying something like that it would then give you the option to download it, but as I just stated, Yahoo is a control freak. Once the file is flagged, it is imprisoned in the lonely dungeons within Yahoo, never to see the light of day again. From there things pretty much went downhill.

From that point on, we have not been able to exchange emails properly. My friend's internet has begun randomly coming in and out and refused to send any emails to me with the attached files. Either he finds himself with an annoying error message or the email never finds its way to my cozy inbox. So basically for the past few hours we have been attempting to find ways to send the attached files. We have unearthed old emails and tried file uploading sites, but it is as if the internet has cursed our blessed file and it is never to touch the internet again. I HATE YOU INTERNET!!!

Still, as I write, we have been unsuccessful in sending this file. The worst part is the tight deadline. The printshop will most likely have no staff next week as it is part of our local university, which has finals next week and is then on break. As a result, it is now or nothing and because of the internet, it will be nothing!

The internet just makes me want to through my laptop against the wall. But what good would that do? The internet would then owe me 3000 dollars. And we all know it won't pay up, right?