Last night, I was eating dinner at a nice sushi restaurant with my father when my cell rang. I did not recognize the phone number, but I thought that perhaps it was an important call so I picked up. It turned out to be my tennis coach...

So a couple of week ago my coach sent out an email about how the school wants to recognize the tennis team for winning states last season. I never responded because I did not feel like attending and so that was that. Eventually, I ended up having plans anyway. Yesterday, coach calls me and basically pressures me into going, denying every one of my excuses. He left me with absolutely no choice other than to go. So now I have to stand up in front of a bunch of people I do not know and be applauded for something that happened 6 months ago. Greeaat.

Unfortunately, I had plans, since in eight minutes all of my friends will be at this holiday party. Instead of being there, I will have to be at the school basketball game where at half time my team will be recognized (O.O I should have left 10 minutes ago). After the shindig is done, I will then head to the party to which I will be 2 hours late for (there goes my present >.<). Anyway those are my unsatisfactory and undesired plans for tonight.

Happy Holidays!