Bio Test: Check.
Psych Test: Check.
Physics Test: Check.
Differentials Midterm: Check
Research Poster: Check

One extremely long day: Check.

I leave the weekend coming out high and enter a week at rock bottom. That's alright though because after today, I can just enjoy the rest of the week and revel in the fact that I can finally answer someone when they say, "So Omar, where are you going to college next year?"

Today, my school brought in people from all over the city to read applications for next year's incoming freshman class and this reminded me of myself four years ago, anxiously waiting for my high school decision to come in the mail. Thinking about the perils of not getting into this science/math magnet high school and spending the rest of eternity in the realm of humanities and english was tortuous (I was 13, forgive me please). I remember opening my "first" admissions letter back in 8th grade when acceptance letters actually started with "Congratulations" (I still love you MIT) and doing my little jiggy out in the street. It reminded me how much that process was similar to the past three months. Stress. anxiety. what ifs. always turning out for the best (no matter which way it goes) :-).

As previously mentioned in the MIT blogs, I was promptly called at a little past 6 this evening by Paul himself! How cool, eh? I got to ask some questions, hear about some aspects of MIT, and get pumped up about CPW. I'm just thankful the call was not as awkward as Karen '12's conversation. She lucked out though. Snively is giving her another chance! Plus, he is going to reveal stories about the bloggers. Fun stuff.

In other news, please don't yell at me, but I bought Super Smash Brothers Brawl a while ago and still have not played it. What am I doing? I know I know. I promise I WILL finally play it tomorrow and will post my initial impressions because I know you all want to hear my opinion since of course my opinion is law.

As I was typing this, I realized that this post has become really random, switching from topic to topic with no clear theme. Oh wait, wouldn't that mean the theme is randomness? Hmm...that's a good question. Regardless, why don't i just make it more random! Here is a t-shirt I found on the COOP's website that I desperately need to buy as it rox!

How can you not just smile at that?

Continuing on with the randomness: I just registered for CPW! About time too. Only 11 days left. All I have to say is this spring break is going to be the best evar. I totally cannot wait to explore MIT's campus and perhaps catch one of those "secret" tours everyone is raving about. To all hackers out there: please, please, do a hack during CPW. I think I speak for all prefrosh when I say that we all want to experience a hack while we are there!

Ok. I'm done now. Time to finally rest after a ridiculously tiring day.