I wake up today to the signs of a beautiful day. The sun was rising, the air was crisp, and the grass was green (sorta). I go to class and then come back home at 10 am to a cloudy sky and chilly temperature. In just two hours, the weather went from great to just alright. I sigh and go inside and immerse my self in autoCAD, which I am attempting to learn and will blog about soon. After an hour of messing around, I again leave the house for class. I step outside and to my amazement the ground is covered with an INCH of snow! In less than 3 hours, the weather has gone from that of a nice Spring day to ridiculously terrible! Roads were becoming impassible, accidents were everywhere, people were getting stuck, and the snow was just piling up.

Here is my yard just an hour into the storm and the snow is still coming down fast and steady despite the calmness depicted in the photo. Just two hours ago, my yard was completely green.

I ended up popping in Super Smash Brothers Brawl yesterday and I found it quite enjoyable. The single player is actually fun now since you cycle through the characters during this captivating story line and all the levels relate to the characters you play with. Overall, I think it is a definite improvement over the old one. I still need to get a group of people together though so I can pwn everyone in a four player battle royale. I know I could play against the machine itself, but what fun would it be to trash-talk a hunk of plastic/metal?

To make an already crappy day worse, I did not find my MIT acceptance packet waiting for me when I got home. I was all giddy since I figured that if Karen got hers yesterday and she only lives a state away, I should receive mine today. Well that logic failed as miserably as my entire class did on the last bio test. Perhaps tomorrow. Speaking of things that did not come, I am still waiting for my MIT shirt that I ordered last sunday to come as well. I assumed it would have arrived by today, but that assumption failed too. Well you know what they say when you assume...