Are you clumsy? Do you chronically trip on smooth surfaces? Do you dislike all your scrapes and bruises? Do you wish you could just be like everyone else? Well there's a solution that should alleviate your distress. 

It all started yesterday morning. I tripped over a nicely waxed, smooth surface and got to thinking what if I had fallen and broken my neck, tore an artery, or broke some bones (excuse my drama queen melodramatic's who I am gosh!)? Seriously, I am so misfortunate I could trip on a frictionless surface. So what does a despondent person in my situation do? The person thinks like an engineer!

What if some mystical object could soften the fall, making it seem as if I were jumping into bed for a nice long slumber. Yes, I am talking about nothing other than an airbag suit! A suit that deploys an airbag just like a car in an event of impact. With this thought in mind, I hit google and came up with this:

Check that out. An airbag comes out of a suit upon impact. How crazy is that? All us clumsy nerds never have to fear the floor, asphalt, or whatever surface again. We are safe. Our savior has arrived in the form of a not-so-bulky, cleverly hidden, amazingly useful a suit.