I have to say this. THANK YOU Snively! You have helped me set a new record for this blog. You have helped it blossom into a "man." How so? This blog has reached the triple digits in the number of visitors today. Yes, more than 100 people came here and no it was not me 100 times! I owe it all to Snively who posted a link to my blog in his MIT blog post today. Apparently, this is actually interesting, which was not the case back in November (what a long time ago huh). Well, I guess that is my trip down memory lane.

I guess the true test of how interesting this blog really is will show in the number of people who come back tomorrow, eh? Come on help me out. Come back to me (totally resisting the urge to say "That's what she said" on that).

Enjoy two wacky music videos I found below. If you are running short in time, I recommend the second one, which is aewsome because it deals with robots. Adios!

ROBOTS ROBOTS ROBOTS! They're going to kill us all!