Tonight was grand. After a long debate with Kelsey about whether we'd end up blogging with watching 40 Year Old Virgin those never-ending psets and all, we ultimately ended up posting, staying once again faithful to our daily shaky commitments to our blogs. Call us mad for diminishing our precious sleep time even more by blogging, but we amazingly produce our best work at these wee hours in the morning. MIT students rock like that. They really do.

The DMEers (Discover Mechanical Engineering FPOP), being the coolest kids on campus, trekked out into Boston for a night of sheer craziness (aka ice cream and shopping). I pretty much fulfilled my "dream" of drooling over the shiny new Apple Store and fell in love with the best shop Boston has to offer: Newbury Comics. Why do I have this new love (I feel like I'm always saying that I love something new...I swear I'm not this fickle in real life)? Because of the best character known to man that was sitting all lonely on the shelf in this store:

< /jealousy>

Wipe that slobber off your keyboard. I know how ridiculously incredible Domo is, especially when he’s holding his own specialty energy drink. I’ve been showing him off to everyone and being that this is MIT, most people are thoroughly impressed. I don’t think the old couple walking by cared too much though, opting to give me weird looks instead. Go figure.

Well, apart from all the fun, DME has been an extraordinary experience. Look soon for posts about my DME days and nightly excursions (wait until you see my Apple Store pictures ^_^).

I’m liking this school more and more everyday, just like an exponential curve (did I mention this place is rubbing off on me too? ).