Hey everyone! I've finally graduated from both my schools (remember I went to two schools, half day for each). The past week has been fun since I've been going to a lot of recitals and open houses. In fact, today I went to 10. From 12 to 10 pm I was pretty much driving around trying to catch all the parties I wanted to attend. Oh poor me right :-p. Now that I'm out of school, which feels weird by the way, I'm looking more and more into MIT and what I want to do there. I'm really excited to be there next year, despite my reservations about how good of a school it is for premed. I'm trying to finish up all my forms that are due by next friday, but they are very important and I don't want to rush them. I think I'm going to choose Simmons for my first choice since I really liked the new feel and concrete architecture. I also am not sure about whether I want a freshman advising seminar or traditional advising.

My highlight this week was trekking out to the new Threadless store in Chicago. If you don't know what Threadless is please go to their website and see their amazing selection of clothes. They tell artists to design shirts and then let people vote on them. The best voted designs are printed on shirts that people can buy. These shirts are trendy and many of them are extremely hilarious. One of the most popular t-shirt designs is the Communist Party one, which has Stalin and many other Communist leaders with party hats and cups partying it up, representing a Communist Party. Get it! Anyway, I went to the store and giddily bought 6 shirts. They are priceless and a joy to wear, especially because of people's comments when I wear one. The one I wore today had a clown vomiting a rainbow into a toilet. Funny stuff.

In other news, the supposedly revamped 3G iPhone should be announced next week. I am considering buying it if I can sell my current iPhone and am stoked about what features it will have. I am truly an Apple fanboy. Check out this questionable picture of it below:

Well, now that I'm not extremely busy, I will keep trying to update this blog more frequently. Please keep coming!