Excuse me for sounding like a 12 year old girl (referring to the title), but something amazing happened yesterday. Yes, I think you may know what I'm talking about. I finally saw the Blues Brothers. Oh wait...hmm...that's not so amazing... So if it's not that, I guess it could only be the new Apple iPhone! When Steve Jobs said 3G, the crowd went wild with shouts and cheers. On top of that, there is even GPS tracking. And wait, there's even more. It is only 200 dollars. In actuality, I really should have no reason to be happy considering that just docked the value of my current iPhone to next to nothing. Luckily, someone is willing to buy it off me for 150 (he is planning to unlock it). That way, the new iPhone will merely be an upgrade and not too expensive. Yes, like I've said many times, I AM an Apple fanboy.

Okay, this post will probably be the last of my obsessive posts over Apple for a while until of course I buy my Macbook Pro. What do I do in the meantime to distract myself from Apple? I play Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots. I've been playing late night LAN games with friends. As I haven't touched this game for years, I'm a bit rusty and did in fact lose in 25 minutes the other night. I will say though that the map we played was completely unfair considering that because of a lake, the computer team had to pass through me to reach the rest of my three teammates. That pretty much means I became a human shield for my team and was defeated in no time. Needless to say, I will build up my army from now on much quicker.

Regardless of my terrible playing skills, it is still an enormously fun game. I love watching soldiers with guns shoot down infidels with bows and arrows and submarines take down wooden ships. Ah, the beauty of rising civilization.

Nowadays, I'm just volunteering at the hospital and continuing my research. I begin in the lab again tomorrow and am stoked to once again open up leeches.

Yesterday, I spontaneously drove up to Grand Rapids for shopping. Today I was poked with a needle as part of the annual TB test required by the hospital I volunteer at. Tomorrow who knows what will happen (meh I do...probably watching OCW lectures lazily at home), but at least I'll be a day closer to MIT and a whole new world.