While on my way to the newly released movie Wanted, I saw something quite spectacular. I'll give you a hint. What do you get when droplets of rain interact with sunlight? A RAINBOW! This was unlike any rainbow I've ever seen though. Usually, I only see rainbows that are visible as a small arc in the sky, but this was completely different. This one spanned from one end of town to the other as bright as day. But wait, there's more! There was another full, although somewhat fainter, rainbow above this one. It was a magnificent sight.

As I was driving through town, EVERYONE was snapping pictures. At traffic lights, people stuck their heads out windows hoping to capture shots of the sky. In neighborhoods, people were outside their homes pointing and staring in awe. It was this beautiful thing smack dab over our town connecting everyone in a way.

Scroll through the photos, and if you desire a clearer picture of the scene I saw, check out the wikipedia article.

Now on to something more interesting. Wanted turned out to be a surprisingly engaging movie. I enjoyed the twists in the plot line and winced at the intense action. I found the story to be unique, especially taking pleasure in the novel ideas I had not seen elsewhere. Curving bullets around obstacles to reach a target is definitely a wickedly amazing way to shoot someone. To top it all off, there was an obscene amount of blood and killing, maybe even a little too much for me (keep in mind I play Grand Theft Auto IV a LOT). Anyway, I recommend seeing this movie at some point in your life whether in theaters or on DVD.

To end the perfect night, I finally got my AP scores, courtesy of the MIT 2012 facebook group and the people who practically announced it the second scores were available. After fumbling with the AP phone service for like 15 minutes because I clumsily pressed the wrong digits (that actually told me that I reached my error limit and must start over...so frustrating), I was told by the freaky robotic voice that I got 5s on the CS AB and both Physics C exams! w00t. Now I won't have to take 8.01. Now if only I did not have to take 8.02 or 18.02. ASE studying not ftw, but alas I must do it.

Well that's it for now. Good night all.