Yes what a tear jerker. If you didn't feel sad and inspired at the same time then I don't know what's wrong with you. I really liked the music. It perfectly set the mood and would be something fun to play on the piano (just not in front of people with perfect pitch as Rachel '12 has previously pointed out...I would hurt their ears and they'd never let me play again :( ). Now I posted this video because of its depiction of Earth, but what's truly hilarious is the video's intended purpose. If you're naturally keen to details, you may have noticed that this video is a "gift" from the people behind "The Secret." Yes, the secret. The secret that isn't really a secret. The secret that involves some red stamp as its logo. The secret that is ironic because like I said it's not a secret. Yes the secret that defies physics and science in general. And yes, if you were wondering, I have read the book "The Secret." Basically, the secret behind "The Secret" is the notion that the universe will magically wrap up whatever you want in a nice box with red glitter wrapping paper and a bow tie to top it off as long as you think deeply about what you desperately desire. Most importantly, "The Secret" states that you must send forth positive energy waves to the universe for this to work. After that, all you must do is keep thinking about what you want in life and expect it to arrive at your door steps within the next 3-5 business days (give or take a few loads of BS). The people behind "The Secret" are masters of advertising stories about the success of this. Someone thought about 1000 bucks constantly and was desperate enough to even put up a fake 1000 dollar check on his wall and long behold 1000 dollars arrived in the mail. Yes, stories like this they claim prove that "The Secret" exists and is out there for everyone to use. Funny how I can diverge so much because of a simple video...oh well.

So tonight I went and saw "Hancock" and I'm here to say it ABSOLUTELY ROCKED. Yeah, it was good. Although the special effects for the flying are not the best, it is a great interpretation of what a real life superhero would be like even though this interpretation drastically goes south toward the end of the movie when there's this completely somewhat unexpected twist that insinuates that there's some greater being out there. Other than that, the movie was still a blast to watch.

I'll try to upload some interesting pictures of Chitown (chicago for you who don't know) tomorrow. Most likely I'll be lazy and won't upload any, but that's a chance I'm willing to take. So Happy Fourth of July and have a safe weekend!