Welcome...please check any normality at the door.

We have a winner for geekiest household item ever. This trumps anything my wildest imagination could conjure and makes my "geeky sense" (sort of like the spidey sense) tingle. I want these (see below) so much!

No, those are not super enlarged eyes pulled out of someone's eye sockets like in Kill Bill, one of the sweetest movies to be produced in my time. These are eyeball lamps. Imagine these babies in action lighting up your room. You'd be the talk of the geek community. You'd be hailed as the uber master of all that is nerdy. Yes, you'd become geek overlord.

So why am I making such a big deal about something that seems so mundane. Why, because so far I've neglected to tell you one important (and perhaps creepy) part to all this. These lamps are tailored to resemble your own eyes based upon pictures of them! Like I said, you would be an overnight sensation in the geek world with these bad boys. Unfortunately, these would probably cost a fortune the tuition of MIT, so you won't be seeing my shiny eyeballs lighting my dorm room anytime soon. Regardless, you could at least whet your nerd appetite by going to the designer's website and drooling over pictures.


Per Enas' request, I'm posting the nighttime picture because it pretty much confirms just how rocking this lights are. I'm not going to pretend though. Having these next to me while I sleep, staring at me, taunting me, would cause many twisted nightmares. Think Willy Wonka, but the complete opposite.