I found out I'll be temped in Simmons at MIT for orientation! For those who aren't familiar with MIT's housing, freshmen basically are given temporary dorms during orientation. Right before the semester starts, we have the option to select a new dorm based on what we have experienced during orientation and if we're feeling particularly dangerous, we can even choose a new roommate. MIT definitely does housing in a manner that does not disappoint and provides flexibility.

I'll be in room 744 on the south wall, which gives me a beautiful view of downtown Boston. Unfortunately, I probably won't see the river, but at least I will see this:

I was perusing floor maps of Simmons and noticed that I am temped in a single. There's nothing wrong with this as I'd rather meet someone during orientation than randomly be paired with someone based upon some whimsical answers we put down for the housing questions. In the end, if I end up alone and desolate, at least I'll be able to revel in the extra privacy.

By the way, the photo at the top is my random picture for today. I snapped it last year when I was visiting the great New York City. Some parking garage owner seems to have an MIT-like sense of humor. I bet he cruelly enjoyed watching us nerds stop and laugh as opposed to most people who had no clue about it. You should consult wikipedia about 1337 if you are not sure what it means.

Well, now that housing lottery results are out, I feel one major step closer to MIT. All that's left is the loooong drive out there, which I'll be sure to blog about. Shannon and I already discussed this. She'll be blogging her journey as well, but don't worry because both of ours will be completely different. Luckily, she is taking the route through Canada as it is the shorter one while I will be taking the other route that goes through Ohio and Pennsylvania. So yes, be sure to read both of ours.

Until next time, good night!