With all the buzz of the new facebook, I decided I'd throw in my two cents. After some exploring, I've concluded that the new design is quite friendly to those who hate the flashy applications that force you to scroll for a minute before you can reach someone's wall (psh, no exaggeration, I'm sure someone out there has enough apps for a minute of scrolling). It's nice to click "wall" and see this roll of posts and events that actually form a story. They've improved the wall by adding status updates, replies, friend additions, and various other news items in between people's comments. Of course, there's an option to return to the real wall we all know and love for those purists out there.

Now, it took me some time to decide whether I like the tabs, but since they hide the annoying apps, I've embraced the arriving of the tabs. I've actually been using tabs for quite some time now on the facebook web application for the iPhone, but that's besides the point. Another reason tabs rock is that it allows for a person's biographical and contact information to be concentrated on one page rather than mixed into one giant jumble with everything else.

One of my favorite enhancements is the new presentation of pictures. A person's tagged photos and albums are all located in on easy-to-reach - you guessed it - tab! There's not much I dislike about the renovation and since I'm one who loves change, I give facebook a hearty two thumbs up for this one. But wait, there's still one last thing left to ponder. Why has Facebook taken such a strong hold on our lives to merit lengthy discussions and controversy? I'll leave that to the philosophers.

Indian people, why is your food so darn spicy!? Don't get me wrong, I am a die hard fan of your food. I'll eat it any day, any time, any where etc etc. I love trying new Indian food and have gone to all the restaurants in my area, but it is this very propensity to your food that has landed me in this uncomfortable situation. Today I tried a newly opened place called the "Curry Corner." They have a large selection of delicacies that are cheaply priced, something any student like myself would squeal at (oh you know you would, at least a little whiimper on the inside perhaps). I went crazy and got pakoras, aloo tikka, somasas, and masala dosa (actually that's normal for me, not crazy >.<) and quickly downed the food while watching Psych and drinking lots of water. After I finished and my water ran out, some strange feeling engulfed my mouth. This feeling rapidly degenerated into pain. All I could feel in the cavity of my mouth was this stinging pain and so I darted toward the freezer downstairs and scarfed down an ice cream bar (you know the one with two soft chocolate biscuits with vanilla ice cream in the middle). Immediately the pain subsided and a long, exasperated "Ahhhh" emanated from me. A few minutes later, after the effects of the ice cream faded, some pain returned, but it was on an order of magnitude much less than before. I resumed my reading and then left for tennis two hours later. While playing with my friend, I could still feel the effects of the food in my system and even some acid reflex. And now, hours and hours later, I can still feel the food playing havoc on my digestive system. It's truly been a uniquely fun day I guess. I will have to gather up some courage and watch the video Snively showed me (embedded below) many times before I'll feel man enough to return to the "Curry Corner" and eat some more of their food. I'll have to man up quickly though, because they have an all-you-can-eat buffet for only $6.99. I bet now you squealed, didn't you? Be honest.

How to Deal with an Annoying Baby Chick

It is now time to once again to face my daily dilemma of how long I should read before falling asleep. See the problem lies in that I can read for a long time, finish the book, be happy, start a new book, and on and on, and at the same time be extremely tired tomorrow as I must wake up at 6:45 am. On the other hand, I could not read so much, not finish the book, feel lousy about not finishing the book that's almost done and have to repeat the process tomorrow, but be well rested and energetic to assist teaching my early morning chemistry class. In the end, it's a lose-lose situation that I can never win so I guess it's a lot like losing "the game." But I guess that's just life so essentially life is just full of loss. Man, how did I just end up depressing myself and the tone of this entire post as well. I guess that takes serious skill, but what do you expect, it's me and I'm just awesome. 'Night.