Above is a strip from my favorite web comic site: the Perry Bible Fellowship! Don't be fooled by the name. None of these are holy like. This comic rocks this world so much that it has been turned into one of the greatest books of all time. That's right! Nothing can beat a book that has a candyland theme. It even has one of those handy built in bookmarks. Go check the rest out NOW. Some of their outstanding strips include "Suicide Train," "An End to Gopher Trouble," and "The Tree of Irony." Let me know what your favorite comic site is in the comments!

For you mac lovers out there, a new site launched that allows you to make your own software bundles for discounted prices. I'm not talking about the 5% discount that saves you like 3 dollars on an item that's overpriced in the first place and is taking you for everything you've got. No. This has actual prices with discounts based on the number of applications you buy. If you buy five, you'll get 40% off! I was playing around and discovered that I could buy five applications for less than the cost of parallels, the only application I care for at this time. Sweet deal right?

Because of Enas '12 I can now have MIT's school calender on my phone! She created an iCal version of MIT's calender and posted it, allowing me to download it and transfer it over to my phone. Now I know precisely when every holiday is!

The only downside is that now I have no excuse for missing anything. Oh wait, I'm covered. "My phone ran out of battery." There we go I'm good for the time being. I do know though when that excuse won't fly like today with my physical exam appointment. This has been scheduled for months and I'm pretty sure my parents wouldn't be pleased if I missed it. Yeah, that's right. I slyly snuck in the fact that I'm almost done with some of the last major forms MIT needs! Once I get this medical report out, I believe I will be done for the time being. Woohoo.