I probably should have introduced myself rather than nag about homework (the stack has diminished by the way) in the previous post. To fix this, here I am an hour later to talk about me.

I've set up camp on the lower left part of the palm that is Michigan. While life can get boring amidst all the farm land, I find that high school seems to keep me busy most of the time. Being your everyday, run-of-the-mill teenager with somewhat good chances of getting into college, I'm currently suffering through the application process. Luckily, it'll all be over soon...phew.

My life can essentially be summed up as programming by night, and gaming by day. I can be so nerdy at times that I live my life engrossed in computer terminology, speaking in C++ and hearing in Java – ironically, my hearing is terrible. I see the beautiful world in CSS and organize my life by HTML (I think that’s why my room is unbearably messy). Some say my only true love is computers – I’d say that they’re probably right.

Unfortunately for computers, I do have another love, namely enjoying life to the fullest. Soon I'll be whisked away to some far off land, but now I'm just trying to enjoy the moment.

Below are ten random things necessary to fully understand my world:

10) I am a die hard fan of threadless shirts.

9) My name is not short for Omarian. If you find Omar to boring, however, you may call me the Big-O or Omy . Anything else must be approved.

8) I think Swedish Fish are the tastiest things to grace this planet. I find Cookie Dough even tastier.

7) I hold a strong belief that Apple Computers will one day rule the world. Yes, I am obsessed with Apple and think that Steve Jobs is da shiznet.

6) I attend weekly sessions of College Confidential Anonymous. They aren't working.

5) I say "your mom" as often as I can - even when it doesn't make sense.

4) I say "that's what she said" even more.

3) My hair isn't normal. I could technically grow a fro if I wanted to.

2) I check my email every five minutes on my phone. Is that healthy? Probably not.

1) Snow is my lifelong enemy.

So that's enough about me for now. From now on, expect a healty mix of the wacky and wild happenings in my life with a hearty dose of sarcasm and a twist of eccentricity.