Since I'm really into science (just look at that picture to the right), I've decided to write a post every once in a while about a scientifically related event. Although I could write about science for hours and hours, I'll try to control myself for your sake. Without further ado, here I ago:

Upon skimming the dull front page of my city's gazette last week, I came across a small article discussing an exciting discovery regarding stem cells. Apparently, two teams on separate halves of the globe simultaneously manipulated genes in human skin cells, transforming them into stem cells. Upon reading this, you may gasp and say, "OMG that bypasses the whole stem cell embryo controversy thingy!" and you would be totally right. I guess President Bush finally has done something right. Urging scientists to find other ways to obtain stem cells is the best act he has done during his presidency (and that's not saying much). This is obviously one of the biggest discoveries in all of medicine and will definitely revolutionize the field in the coming years. No doubt that these brilliant scientists will be up for the Nobel Prize in the future. Until then enjoy the the NY Times article about this fortunate discovery.

While you are at it, also check out the NY Times outrageously cool new building. It has me drooling at the well-designed architecture and beautiful interior.

New NY Times building. Photo taken by Kevin.