Well Hello World (gotta love the programming reference)!

First I'll begin by saying this title does not refer to a post about sex. Those who would like to leave because of that, do so now. Now for the rest of you, read on.

I'm awkwardly typing at the computer, trying to carefully choose my words about what to say in this ever important first post. It's hard, I must say, to write the perfect post, especially with the constant nagging of that voice in my head telling me to at least attempt that stack of homework staring at me in the corner. Yes, the day back from Thanksgiving Break and I have mounds of homework! But, alas, what should I expect one of the most notorious homework days of the year. Teachers spend the entire break wondering if they had gone easy on their students by only assigning one chapter instead of two, a small lab report rather than a long one, an eight page term paper in lieu of a 16 page one grrrr!!!! And so what do said teachers do upon coming back from break? They come loaded with the homework guns and shoot away (wow poor metaphor). It's quite difficult to remember the last time that I had this much homework. I guess I'll have to fight senioritis harder than ever now.

Well, at least now I have a blog to distract me!

~ Happy readings :-) ~