Good Morning. I just woke up and don't have school until 9! You know what that means??? Yes, studying! You know what I wish I was doing?? Prolly not, but I'll tell you! 

Even though it's snowing outside, I don't wish to be at the beach. Even though school is tedious at times, I don't wish I was playing the wii. Even though there's four straight up weeks until winter break arrives, I don't wish for a snow day. No. I wish to play what I believe to be in my opinion one of the greatest games made to date: ROCK BAND!!! 

This game is not only ridiculously fun to play, but also forces you to be cooperative in order to rock the song without too many mistakes. It even incorporates the best parts of any band, not just the guitar (like in that other game that I just can't put my finger on)! Although drum and microphone games are nothing new to the gaming industry, having a guitar, base, singing, and drumming part all wrapped up into one unbelievable experience is, especially when you really do feel like you're making music. This seriously is a top notch game that will be played for years and years. And coming along to help the longevity of this game is a swarm of downloadable content in the form of new songs for all the hard rockers out there. So please, invest your money wisely and buy this game that will not disappoint your gaming appetite. Oh, and to show you how awesome this game is, I posted a you tube video below. Enjoy and good day!